What is growing in our Garden

Peppers and Peas

These are peppers and green peas vegetables.  We use peppers the fruit. We use the green pea seeds. We put peppers in curry and we cook. Mi Goul

BeansGreen beans Vue

These are purple beans. We use the fruit. It is green. We cut the green beans and stir fry with meat and eggs. Vue


These are tomatoes, I use for different foods. I cooked with eggs sandwich, I cooked with salad , a lot parts of my foods I use tomatoes because i like them. Sometimes I eat the seeds, sometimes I raw tomatoes. Sana

Tomatoes Sana


One comment

  1. portadoh · July 25, 2016

    Hi, Sana i want to know more about tomato.First one is how to cook it? What kind of vitamins tomato has?


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