Students Pick Food

The students are picking some fruits and some vegetables in the garden and then before they picked they have grown. They grew many fruits and many vegetables in the garden. Some students like fruits and some students like vegetables. Students are like different depends from one person. And also fruits and vegetables are not the same thing. Any thing in the world are all different. We know if we grow something, after that we get a value.For example we decide to grow some plants we will take care of them and protect them. We use many protection for plants and then we have to give plants water every day. If we don’t give plants water  we will see it wither, shrink and die. So, also human grow up for parents care and protection. If we don’t have parents we didn’t happen human. Parents are so important to us. After that when we’re child we get parents care and protection, every thing. And then we grow up step by step from parents care. So plants grow up need people take care because we grow plants for eating.
So, the students grew plants, fruits, vegetables for eating and then they give plants water and protect them. After that the plants and vegetables grow up and they pick them. We know that they give me health and energy.  Por Ta Doh


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