Garden Journal: July 19, 2017

We have 4 plots in our garden at Arlington Hills Open Door Learning Center.


Morning Glory plants are blocking the sun to the pepper plants


Today we needed to weed a little bit, and we also had to take out some morning glories that were blocking the sun from our pepper plants



One of the pepper plants had many buds. We also saw there are many blossoms on the eggplants.

We planted tomatoes and cherry tomatoes. Today we saw there are some green tomatoes. We took away the leaves from the tomato plants that were growing too close to the ground. We did not need to weed today.

We picked some beans that were ready to harvest. There were some more blossoms and buds on the bean plants, and we also saw insects crawling on the plants.


Cabbage plants in plot 3

We mounded the onions and cabbage plants. There were some cucumber plants that were growing through the fence. We didn’t  want the cucumbers growing on the outside of the fence, so we moved those vines so that they will grow on the inside of the fence.

There are 3 big Calla Lily plants growing that we planted along the inside edge of our garden. We are waiting for the flowers to bloom.





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