Garden Journal : August 2, 2017




Today, in plot 1, we saw some tiny eggplants and some purple peppers on one plant. We hoed around the plants.








White blossoms on the pepper plan

There are many white blossoms on some of the plants
that will become peppers.






In plot 2, there are many big tomatoes. They are large green tomatoes.

We only saw a few cherry tomatoes.

We took out some weeds and
removed the leaves that are touching the ground.




We saw a bug eating  the leaves.
It was a Japanese beetle.
We took it away and killed it.


A leaf decimated by a Japanese Beetle






In plot 3, there were some beans ready to be picked.



In plot 4, There are some tiny cucumbers, and 2 much bigger cucumbers almost ready to pick.There are some onions growing, and also some turnips plants.






There are many yellow blossoms, and they will turn into cucumbers soon.  We saw some bees in the blossoms.

One of the cucumber plants was growing toward the Calla Lilly flower plant in the corner of the garden.

So we moved the vine so it will grow along the fence.


We saw a bee buzzing around in the cucumber blossoms.


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