Garden Journal : August 9, 2017

We saw purple blossoms on the eggplants, and we saw there is one small eggplant fruit. We moved dirt away from the fruit. There are some purple peppers and purple blossoms:


Purple pepper


Purple blossoms



We also saw some more white blossoms on
some peppers and some small green fruit.

We know we will have many peppers because there are many blossoms.


There are some tomatoes that are turning red.









There are some more yellow blossoms on the tomato plants. We  tried tasting a cherry tomato to see if the tomatoes are ripe to pick. However, the tomato we tasted was sour, so the tomatoes are not yet ready to pick.Working-in-Garden6

We checked if the tomato vines are growing in the right place, and moved the vines if they were not.

We see the bean plants are taller, and we picked a few green beans.Working-in-Garden4


There are still insects that are eating the leaves of the green bean plants



Cucumber blossoms


We needed to move some cucumber
vines onto the trellis.







Mounding the onion plants

The onion plants were lying down in the dirt, so we mounded the onion plants today.

We also needed to mound the turnip greens.


Calla Lilly plant


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