Garden Journal : Aug 23 2017




There are many purple blossoms
on the pepper plants.




Purple pepper will change to a yellow pepper


We saw a purple pepper on the ground.
We found out that the purple color
of these peppers will change to yellow.





We also saw a few black peppers and many white blossoms:    black peppers

There are many blossoms on the eggplants, too.

There are some fruits on the eggplants.

We saw a little bit of weeds;
we need to pull the weeds out today.

We saw many green tomatoes:Green-tomatoes

We also saw that 3 tomatoes
turned red since last week.


And there are  some holes
in one of the red tomatoes

Maybe a bug is eating the tomatoes.
We need to pick the red tomatoes.

Last week, the tomato plants were falling down. We fixed them by tying them up to supports with twine. We saw that this week the tomato plants are standing up (with the support from the twine)


A tomato plant supported by twine

There are many purple Morning Glories.
Here is one Morning glory flower:


A purple Morning Glory flower







There are many green beans ready to pick:Bag-of-green-beans-picked-today



Some of the green bean plant leaves have many holes in them. Bug-eaten-leaves
The Japanese beetles have probably been eating the leaves.









We think that somebody has stolen our cucumbers! There were 3 small cucumbers last week.
But today, there is only 1 small cucumber
We should pick that cucumber today:





Students working in the garden:



Aung-Ni with a plant:Aung-Ni-with-plant

Teacher Paul working in the garden:Teacher-Paul-5








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