Garden Journal : Sep 6, 2017


Today we picked so much produce that every student got a bag of vegetables to take home:

Students-with-produce-1   Students-with-produce-2

Students-with-produce-3  Students-with-produce-4

Students-with-produce-5  Students-with-produce-6

Students-with-produce-7  Students-with-produce-8

There are many purple blossoms on the eggplants, and there are many fruits on the eggplants, too. Not all of the fruits are ready to pick yet, but we can pick some of the eggplant fruits.

There are many peppers, but they are not ready to pick today.

One tomato plant fell over. We need to straighten the tomato plant. We will tie it back up to a support with twine. Some tomatoes turned red since last week, and we picked them today.

There are some green beans to pick. There are some more blossoms on the green bean plants, so there MIGHT be more green beans to pick next week (even though it is getting late in the season for green beans to grow).

The turnips are getting very, very big! We will pick them next week.

There are some cucumbers that are ready to pick this week. And there are other cucumbers that are still to small, and we need to let them grow some more, before we pick them. Maybe we can pick some of them next week.

There are just a few, and there are small, but we decided we would pick the last of the onion plants today.

Teacher Paul asked us, “Do you think there will be more cucumbers?” We answered yes, because there are still many yellow blossoms on the cucumber plants. We expect that there will be more cucumbers that will be big enough to pick next week.


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