Garden Journal : Sep 13, 2017

There are many purple blooms on the eggplants.

There are many green tomatoes. But they are not “ripe”. Ripe means “ready to eat”.

There are only a some green beans today that are ready to pick. And there are only a few blossoms

All of the onions have already been picked, so there are none left in our garden.

There are some big cucumbers that we need to pick today. And there are many small yellow blossoms that will become cucumbers in the coming weeks.

There are 3 big rutabagas. We took 2 rutabagas to the kitchen to cook today.


Garden-Sep-13-7      Garden-Sep-13-3   Garden-Sep-13-4

Garden-Sep-13-5   rutabaga-22

Garden-Sep-13-9   Bag-of-green-beans-picked-today   Garden-Sep-13-8


rutabaga7           rutabaga2

rutabaga1     gardenSep13-1

Garden-Sep-13-13     Garden-Sep-13-12










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