Garden Journal : Sep 20, 2017



We see a few green beans
that need to be picked today.
We need to pull out the weeds
from the green bean plants.





“Ripe” means ready to eat. The long purple peppers are not ripe. They will be yellow when thy are ripe and ready to pick to eat.

Aung Ni tells us that the black peppers need one more week before they are ready to pick.

The green peppers are not ripe yet.



Some cucumbers are big
and we need to pick.
There are still a few cucumber blossoms.


We see many purple blossoms on the eggplants.
There is some fruit on the eggplants, and many, many blossoms.
We need to pick some eggplants.



Black Peppers and Green Peppers








We see some ripe, red tomatoes, and many green tomatoes. We need to check the cherry tomatoes, and we need to pick some tomatoes today.

Some leaves on the plants are turning yellow and some leaves are even brown.

There is one more rutabaga.




phonepaly-5-croppedWe will pick it today and Phonepaly will take it home to cook.






We see some seeds today.
We will leave the eggplant seeds
in the garden.
These seeds will grow into
new plants next year.







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