Garden Journal : Oct 18, 2017

Today is the last day for this year that we are in  the Arlington Hills Open Door garden.

It is the end of the harvest season, and we picked the last of the produce.

We picked all the ripe eggplants and peppers. There were so many green tomatoes, enough for everyone to take home to eat.

There are still many purple blossoms on the eggplants, but we pulled up all of the plants because next week it will get very cold and the plants will die.

There is now only dirt left in the garden, and piles of the pulled plants.


Hsar K’paw pulls up a plant


There are only a few plants left in the garden at the end of October. All of the plants will die from the upcoming cold winter weather,P so we have pulled out almost all the plants .

Open Door Learning Center students gather the last of the 2017 harvest:




Hsar K’paw adds more pulled plants to the pile.


You can see that almost all of the plants are pulled from the garden, and put in a pile.













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