Garden Journal : June 20, 2018

In plot 1, we saw some white blossoms on the pepper plants. We saw 3 little green chilis.Garden-June20-101438 They are not ready to eat until they are red.
We pulled some weeds.Garden-June20-100637








In plot 2, we saw yellow blossoms on the tomato plants. Some plants are tall and some are small. We removed the weeds.








We do not want the leaves to touch the ground, so we cut those leaves.

In plot 3, the onions are growing taller. There are some weeds we need to pull.

In plot 4, there were 2 rabbits that got in a hole in the fence last week. Teacher Barb’s class covered the hole to keep out the rabbits.

Garden-June20-100427     IMG_1349

There are many tomato plants growing from last year’s garden. We dug up many of these tomato plants to give to students to take home with them and re-plant:

Garden-June20-102718  Garden-June20-102425Garden-June20-102627

Garden-June20-102839          Garden-June20-102824        Garden-June20-102438

Garden-June20-102541  Garden-June20-102546

Garden-June20-101518          Garden-June20-102759  Garden-June20-101508

Garden-June20-102549           Garden-June20-101538

Garden-June20-102456  Garden-June20-102536

Garden-June20-102518  Garden-June20-102613



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