Garden Journal : July 11, 2018

In plot 1, there are some green peppers and some yellow peppers. The big, yellow peppers are ripe. We picked some of them to take home to eat.
The green peppers will turn red when they are ripe. “Ripe” means “ready to eat”.
We pulled some weeds in plot 1.


In plot 2, there are some green tomatoes on some plants. There are also many yellow blossoms. We pulled some weeds, and also cut some of the leaves that are too close to the ground.

In plot 3, there are some yellow blossoms on the cucumbers. “Blossom” is a special name for flowers of vegetables.
Some of the cucumbers are growing up along the fence, and others are growing on the ground. We want all of the cucumber plants to grow up along the fence, so we secured the cucumber plants by tying them to the fence with twine.

There were also some weeds to pull in plot 3.

In plot 4, there are white blossoms on the green beans.
There were many weeds to pull in plot 4.

Also there is a Japanese beetle on one of the green bean plants.
Unfortunately, we need to kill the beetles, otherwise they will eat the leaves of the plants.











After we worked in the garden today, the ground looked a little dry
so we turned on the water sprinkler July11-garden_110116:



July11-garden_105305          July11-garden_104852



July11-garden_104206           July11-garden_104143

July11-garden_104258        July11-garden_104431











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