Garden Journal : July 18, 2018

In plot 1, there are 3 kinds of peppers:  little yellow ones that will turn red; large yellow peppers; and long green peppers which will also turn red when they are ripe. Ripe means “ready to eat”. This means we can pick those vegetables and take them home to eat.

We picked some of the big yellow peppers today to take home, and we pulled some weeds in plot 1.

There is one small cucumber, but it is not ready to pick.

In plot 2, there are about a dozen green tomatoes. Most people like tomatoes when they are red. Some people like green tomatoes to make fried green tomatoes. We did not pick any green tomatoes today. We pulled some weeds in plot 2.

In plot 3, we have long green onions, and they are bigger this week. The cucumber plans have more yellow blossoms.

There are some little cucumbers on the cucumber plants, but we are going to wait until they grow bigger before we pick them.

In plot 4, there are green beans that have many white blossoms, and there are some small green beans, that we maybe we can pick next week when they are bigger.





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