Garden Journal : August 15, 2018



yellow-peppers-20180808_103029In plot 1, we saw many green and yellow peppers. We picked some peppers today to take home to eat.

There are some white blossoms on the pepper plants, so there will be more peppers growing in the coming weeks.

There are some fruits on the eggplants, but they are not ripe, so we will not pick them yet. There are also purple blossoms on the eggplants, so there will be more eggplant fruits growing soon.

We picked many cucumbers. There are still many yellow blossoms on the cucumber plants, so they will have more fruit. We picked many cucumbers today to take home.

In plot 2, there are 5 big red tomatoes that are now ripe and ready to pick. There are many green tomatoes that will turn red soon.


There are still some yellow blossoms on the tomato plants.

The tomato plants are all in good shape because all the leaves are off the ground, and all the plants are climbing up the supports wire.



In plot 3, most of the onions have fallen to the ground.

Only a very few onion plants are still standing.

These onion plants are not doing well, and it may be because they are not getting enough sun.



There are some ripe cucumbers and some yellow blossoms on the cucumber plants.

In plot 4, there are not many green beans to pick.

There are now a few white blossoms (that were not there last week), so there will probably be some more green beans growing in a few weeks.

There are some leaves that have been eaten by insects.

There are some weeds to pull.



Gardeners-20180808_102627         gardeners-20180808_104625(1)

gardeners-20180808_104658       gardeners-3-20180808_105221


gardeners1-20180808      gardeners-20180808_104638

teacher-Paul-20180808_104928       Garden-July-18-Ibrahim_102930



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