Garden Journal : August 22, 2018

In plot 1, we saw green peppers and some yellow peppers, but they are too small. “Ripe” means the fruit is ready to eat. These peppers are not ready to eat, so they are not ripe.

We saw that some of the peppers in teacher Barb’s plot have turned red. Teacher Paul says that when these peppers become red, we will like them better, because these red peppers will be hot and make our food taste very spicy. So we will wait until the peppers turn red before we pick them.

There are also some white blossoms and some purple blossoms. “Blossoms” are flowers that are going to become fruit to eat.

There are no ripe eggplant fruits this week. There are only 2 little eggplant fruits, but they are not ripe yet. They are not ready to pick.

We saw some cucumbers that were ready to pick. There are also many yellow blossoms, so we expect there to be many more cucumbers that will be ripe to pick in the coming weeks.

In plot 2, there are many green tomatoes. There are still a few yellow blossoms, which will become tomatoes that are ready to pick in a few weeks. There are 3 red tomatoes, but only one tomato is ready to pick.

There is a tomato “cage” that was falling over, and we straightened the cage to help the tomato plant to grow straight.

In plot 3, there were only 2 onion plants standing. We will leave them to grow bigger. But today we will dig up the other onion plants that have fallen over. Teacher Paul says that the garden is not getting enough sun.

There are a few cucumbers that are ready to pick. And there are still many yellow blossoms that will become cucumbers in a few weeks.

In plot 4, there are a few green beans to pick this week but we will wait until next week to pick them.  There are still some white blossoms that we expect will grow into green beans that will be ready to pick next month.

Some of the green bean leaves have been eaten by insects.


gardeners-20180808_104528      gardeners-20180808_104538

gardeners-20180808_104635      gardeners-20180808_103636

gardeners-20180808_104620    gardeners-20180808_104746(0)

gardeners-20180808_104836    gardeners-20180808_103418




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