Garden Journal : August 8, 2018

In plot 1, there are many ripe yellow peppers ready to pick. There are still many white flower blossoms that will become peppers.

And there are many yellow blossoms that will become cucumbers.

There are also some eggplants that are growing

In plot 2, there are 2 big, red tomatoes. There are many green tomatoes that will become red in the coming weeks. We removed the old, yellow leaves from the tomato plants.

In plot 3, some of the green onions fell over, and are lying on the ground. Only some of the onions are still standing up right now.

We need to mound the soil around the onions to help them to stand up again. It is better to let the onions grow bigger before we harvest them.

There are a few yellow blossoms on the cucumber plants. We see a few cucumbers that are ready to pick.

In plot 4, we see some green beans that are ready to pick. But there are not any new blossoms, so there will not be any more green beans. We see that there are leaves on the plants that have been eaten by insects.

yellow-peppers-20180808_103029     mint-20180808_104721     gardeners-20180808_104808gardeners-20180808_104837  gardeners-20180808_104747

gardeners-20180808_104658    bumble-bee-20180808_103056gardeners-20180808_104638


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