About Our Garden and School

The Minnesota Literacy Council (MLC) is a nonprofit, statewide organization that provides literacy services to adults, children, volunteers and community programs around Minnesota. At the Arlington Hills Learning Center site, we offer free classes for new immigrants and refugees, as well as life-long Minnesotans, who are learning basic English or studying for the GED. We also offer free on-site preschool to the children of our students.

For more information on the Minnesota Literacy Council, please click here.

Open Door Learning Center has run a community garden on school grounds (the school is located within the Arlington Hills Lutheran Church) for the past four summers. The garden serves as both a classroom and community builder for our students. The entire school and every class level take some share in the planning, planting, maintenance, and harvest of the garden.  Students learn how to plant and cultivate produce such as tomatoes and cucumbers and have the ability to take home the harvest in the fall. The garden, which is located prominently in the neighborhood, also helps to beautify the surrounding community. In order for the garden to run well, the school has partnered with the church and other community partners such as the Minnesota State Horticultural Society.

This blog will be updated regularly with photos, stories, and more information about our garden as we continue to cultivate it!


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